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Understanding Dating & 15 Most Asked Dating Questions
Understanding Dating & 15 Most Asked Dating Questions

“Information is power, and power is powerful.” PLabs

It all started back in April 2009 during my placement year at Nottingham Trent. On that fateful day, I was at the Boots library reflecting on a just-concluded seminar and emphatically on how God helped me to give clear and relatable answers to so many sensitive questions on Relationships, Dating and Marriage. Although the seminar was a success, there were more questions left hanging in the air due to limited time resources.

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Moving forward, I have since compiled a list of both the answered and yet to answer questions into an explicit piece of writing and *YouTube videos to help bring clarity on issues surrounding relationships, dating and sex.

Meanwhile, my hands-on experience mentoring young people, particularly as a Youth Pastor in God’s Vineyard Ministries (GVM) for over 10 years has increased my wealth of knowledge and driven my interest to publish this 2-in-1 book. As God wills, I am privileged to be on the frontline mentoring and delivering life-changing programs including the impactful weekend retreat for members of the Radical Youth and for interested students from all over the UK with an average attendance of over 500 students across 30+ universities each year. On several occasions, I was asked relatively same or similar questions on relationships, dating, sex and Godly marriage over and over again.

So, you can imagine my joy to finally publish this valuable resource, knowing fully it will be a great blessing to you. I hope you find it engaging, and please do recommend to your loved ones to read as well. God bless you! Amen.

Get the right information and gain the right power. Information shared in this book are not just theory but proven with live testimonies. 

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Understanding Dating & 15 Most Asked Dating Questions
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